Autumn in the Woods

I just love the fresh air of the woods and I know Vito loves it as well 😀

It was just a matter of time, after a night partying I decided to take him up w/ me for some walk in the woods.

I woke up my inner Johnny Depp even though I still miss the ‘Secret Window’ on my cabin 😉 In this pictures I’m wearing Vans OldSkool, H&M pullover, hat and a vest; Religion jeans and Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses.

As for the hair, no, no. I’m still pale blue underneath,  it’s just a Manic Panic Hair Dye hair color! I love it so much since it gives your hair not only the color but wet look that is so IN right now. My new favourite that I will talk about more in my next video for sure!

I apologize for such a brief post but I’m in a big hurry with Halloween preparations. As you may not know, Halloween is one of my favourite time of the year.






Since going 50 shades of grey is hot again this season, and since I had so much inquires about my grey silver hair, I decided for this topic to be my first ever youtube video.

I hope you love the new video I made for you guys as well as I hope I made you more confidante about going grey!

Btw. Anything I missed? Feel free to tell me in the comments!

Products Mentioned!

Coconut oil

Wella Colorcharm 050,default,pd.html

Adore 150 Platinum hair color


This is not a sponsored video.

I just came to say Hello!



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