Autumn in the Woods

I just love the fresh air of the woods and I know Vito loves it as well 😀

It was just a matter of time, after a night partying I decided to take him up w/ me for some walk in the woods.

I woke up my inner Johnny Depp even though I still miss the ‘Secret Window’ on my cabin 😉 In this pictures I’m wearing Vans OldSkool, H&M pullover, hat and a vest; Religion jeans and Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses.

As for the hair, no, no. I’m still pale blue underneath,  it’s just a Manic Panic Hair Dye hair color! I love it so much since it gives your hair not only the color but wet look that is so IN right now. My new favourite that I will talk about more in my next video for sure!

I apologize for such a brief post but I’m in a big hurry with Halloween preparations. As you may not know, Halloween is one of my favourite time of the year.




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