New in, favorites and wishlist! #sneakersAddiction

It’s so funny how trends change everything. It feels like yesterday (and it really was) when I laughed at my grandmothers Reebok classic’s and referred to them as grandmothers shoes.  But when I saw Instagram filled with old school Reeboks, trend that brought Jenny to the block again, I just had to get ones, they are my newest obsession. I just can’t believe there was a moment I didn’t like them. Mostly I always go for clean shapes, minimalist, timeless classics. (Cleaning them every Friday while listening opera, jk, not jk.)

Here are my favs so far!

1. Reebok Classic (ASOS)


2. Adidas Tubular Radial (


3. Vans OldSkool (ASOS)


4. YZY


5. Startas Pepita (Startas)


And at last…. top one pair on my wishlist is YZY zebra 350 😭 It’s always nice to leave something to dream about.

Xx, Teo




Travel Diary – Things to do in Madrid in 3 days

As I came to see my friend Viki to Madrid I instantly became impressed by city architecture, warm summer wind and charming people. Giving you few of my fav places in Madrid!

1. San Miguel Market


Smell of fruits, spices and wine is the great combination for start of your Madrid experience. From Spanish jamon y queso to champagne and macaroons, you’ll spend all your money on this delights.

2. Teatro Calderon

After we finished grocery shopping we opened a bottle of wine and start getting ready for the city tour. We started our city square looking upon famous theatre building that’s which is the only building in Madrid that owns a pair of hot legs. Looking upon sexy pair of legs I asked Viki what else was the case with Madrid is it fully filled with sexiness or this is a tease. Madrid is sexy as hell, she replied. And damn, was that true..


3. Gran Via

My favourite street in Madrid! I just love it so much. Huge white buildings, tons of fashion stores, restaurants and bars. This street is everything.

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4. El Imparcial

The night was young and so were we, as we were getting to what became first on the list of our favourite places in Madrid – El Imparcial restaurant. Vibe of an old aristocratic apartment that is run by the most bohemian staff with amazing tattooed personalities. Packed with flowers in each corner making smell of gardenia infused through whole place. The food, drinks, environment and hospitality 10/10

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Hala #Madrid Nice to get to know you love. #FrancoApproved

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5. Jardines del Retiro

The biggest park of Madrid. It was owned by Spanish monarchy until 19th century when it became public park.  Jardines del Retiro is the most amazing park in Spain. Don’t forget to take a boat ride on the lake and btw. take a bottle of wine, it gets more fun.


6. Jardines de Sabatini and Royal Palace of Madrid

Needles to say… Honey, I’m home.

Honey, I'm home 🤴🏽 #Madrid #RoyalPalace

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7. Cassette Club

Best techno club in Madrid. Get ready to be surrounded by chains and chokers. Get your S&M spirit out and about.


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Top 5 fav summer tv shows

With summer and rays of sunshine on my skin I got an extreme urge to stay at home and watch tv show. (Not strange at all)
These are my top 5 tv shows I’m dribbling over!


1. Pretty Little Liars
As I was immediate fan of high school horror drama. This summer it’s the last season of the tv show and I’m to eager not to finish it. Only season finale is between us and finding out who da f is A.D


2. Girlboss
All fashion and vintage lovers will love new show from Netflix. It’s all about young entrepreneurship combined with passion while following life of a young dropout who is ignorant towards world of grownups with high self image of herself and her own possibilities. It’s reflecting millennials culture and will get you so obsessed over 00s gadgets.


3. The Get Down
Showcasing lives of youngsters from Brooklyn and development of something I dare to say is the black culture today. Main plot is following rise of a young disco star and her boyfriend, a rap sensation. Besides them there is my fav role of Jaden Smith as a graffiti artist as well as the whole history behind NYC and Brooklyn.


4. Ru Paul’s Drag Race
Fab drags and glitters with celeb judges… there’s nothing more left to say but now sissy that walk.


5. Grace and Frankie
Short episodes of pure fun. Grace and Frankie is show about lives of two couples who’s husbands came out as gay in their 70’s and showcasing how both sides are dealing with getting older and staying foolish. Perfect for lazy afternoons!


In days of celebrating the subcultures and differences I decided to show a support to whole genderfluidity. “The rise in people speaking out as genderqueer, fluid, or having multiple genders or no gender is undeniable.”

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Looking up to Jaden Smith and his personal movement, I created these pictures praising the Vogue Korea editorial since it fits amazingly well in what I have to say. All should embrace alternative forms of gender expression since there is no such thing as only black or only white when looking up today’s world. There is so much of more different type of personalities than we knew existed, labels are getting old since there is so much new labels to add to the archive. Instead of labeling person, try to understand everyone’s story and where they are coming from. Be so kind to reevaluate your own standards and try to see positive impact he is leaving as he is walking the roads of pain while making a difference.

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Majority of millennials, kids in charge of the new heritage, will tell you they are more open then previous generations and that impact is visible. As a member of millennials, I must agree, but there is still so much hate in the world left and therefore everyone who is creating the safe environment for the future generations shall speak their mind and show support and respect towards others and their missions. Genders became past after woman’s right to vote. Pallets of colors and ethnicities became future after Abraham Lincoln. Sexuality should be respected chosen by each individual while rejecting strict gender norms in the way of dressing and lifestyle should be embraced, as there is so much of cultural heritage being left for future generations to enjoy.


I respect you all, in all your colors and fluidities, every life is perfectly design and so is yours. Xx


Gnocchi with mushrooms & blue cheese

I got this reciepe from BBC good foods and it’s just so amazing, it’s perfect for vegeterians and Italian cousin lovers! I just love homemade gnocchi so I combined this recipe with my homemade corn flour gnocchi recipe!

For gnocchi you’l need:

350 g polenta

200 g flour

2 eggs

1/2 teaspoons of nutmeg



Fistly cook polenta following instructions on the box. Then put flour eggs and nutmeg inside and mix it all together after which you should leave it to rest over night or for couple of hours in refrigerator. After chilling, start making lines of mixtrue and cut them in small pieces. If wanted, decorate them as on the picture.



For sauce you’ll need:

1 large onion, roughly chopped
500g small Forestière or Portobello mushrooms
2 large garlic cloves, chopped
150g pack creamy blue cheese (I used Danish blue)
small pack parsley, chopped


Bring a large pan of water to the boil and cook the gnocchi following pack instructions. When they float to the top of the pan, they are ready. Drain and set aside.
Meanwhile, heat the oil and butter in a large lidded frying pan. Add the onion and mushrooms, cook for 1 min over a high heat, then turn down the heat to medium, put the lid on and cook for 5 mins, stirring a few times.
Remove the lid and add the garlic, cook for 1-2 mins, then stir the gnocchi into the pan. Scatter over blobs of cheese and the parsley.


Bon Appetité baby!