Every time I go back to Zagreb I feel like I came to a restless place. Mostly since Zagreb is so so small that if you grew up in it, you keep bumping in aquaintances. And I love it!

The smell of daisies on the Tomislav square made my walk through the Pavla Hatza street even more pleasant. When arriving at Zrinjevac, which is like the central park of Zagreb, I bumped into my old friend Elza. Elza was the wildest girl at law school, complete tease, not listening to anyone living a bohemian life of random mornings on yachts and oriental countries. She wakes up one day and decides that she is up for elephant ride in Thailand but want’s to have dinner at the coast of Vietnam while catching the last rays of the sun.

“Omg. You bitch. Are you back to Croatia?” – she said instantly.

“Hopefully not for too long Elza.” – I replied with hesitation worried about her next question. Mostly because I knew what she will ask afterward…

“I have like the best idea ever. You, me, club, tonight!” dancing and mimicking beats.

After the night out with Elza and a sober morning after, I realized something. Elza is seeing someone. My Elza is being tamed awww. Although, few seconds after making that assumption, she just went to Skyscanner to buy a ticket for a spontaneous trip to India. Elza can’t be tamed.


Fav places in Zagreb:


  1. Tomislav square

2. Optika Erjavec

3. Esplanade Luxury Hotel

My second home ✨💖✨

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4.Trg Maršala Tita

5.Velvet bar

6. Ilica

#Casual #Zagreb #streetstyle#streetstylecroatia

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