Hemingway​ bar and bistro recension

Driving around heated Zagreb with grandmother, we started thinking only about food. You see my grandmother is a foodie granny, she made me experiment with food since I was a little boy. Snails and frogs were level 1.

“I will die of this heat, turn around and let’s do the first bistro we see.” The grandmother said through rapid movements of old newspaper.

“Are you sure you are even hungry,” I asked even though I knew what she will say next.

“but wait, I know… There is always enough time for food since time is a luxury and food is gold.” quoting it at the same time.

We went for Hemingway since it was closest from the parking space. (Love the reasoning)

Upon our arrival, we didn’t have to go through menus for too long since we ordered impulsively as we choose the place to eat. I’m not a soup type of guy but she choose root soup while for the main dish I went for fish filet and her for a duck.

Fish filet was extremely tender and the notes of asparagus suited it really gently. The notes of rose from Cro valleys influenced the taste reaching refreshing notes perfect for extreme summer heats.

The duck was soft while fried polenta was giving it amazing pop of sweetness.

As we finished our meal discussing old memories that this random dinner date remind us of, we agreed how sometimes spontaneouse choices are the best ones.



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