Why choose cooking for friends

Why I love cooking for friends so much?

I love it for many things. Reason on is that look friends give eachother while enjoying a nice meal, the moment when all of our worries get lost and we embrace new tastes and fun. To provide someone a get away is the number one thing. Another reason would be that I enjoy cooking and baking. Ever since I was a little boy, I had passion for making goods in my grandmothers kitchen. I have two of grandmothers one of which is really flagmatic and another one who like to keep everything in order every second of her life. Both of them had a role in my a la chef education. Flagmatic one brought easiness and filtration to the kitchen. What makes a good ‘chef’ is that you need to know how to flirt with ingredients. Most of the time I’m not following cookbooks, I follow only my heart and guts. If my heart tells me to bring a new ingredient that isn’t on the list or put larger amount of it – I do it. But as all things in life, cooking needs a help of a ruler as well. Some of the things you really need to pay attantion of. For example, try not to play with the main ingredients such as flour, baking powder and oil if you are beginner. Otherwise you may end up with killer muffins.

Cooking and baking should be extremly fun, so gear up with some ingredients find a nice recipe and play around! Try flirting with lemon, honey, fruits, putting and mixing unusual flavors together. It may not taste as amazing as you thought it would, but it will always be eatable!

After you learn being flirty within your kitchen area (I’m not encouraging sex on the counter. Flirt with your food at first. It may lead you there after all.)  start bringing your friends over and show them how you flirt! The food never tastes as good as when you put all of your friends in one room and you all dip inside. Bring a bottle of a nice red wine to close the deal and enjoy the night with loved ones!

So here are some tips for your first summer hosting!

Tip No.1 Use flowers!

Use as much as flowers and plants as you can get, it will make ton of a difference! It’s so much more lively to eat next to nature. Or even better, make your dinner out in open!

Tip No.2 Do tryouts!

Try prepearing your food at least once before prepearing it for others, if nothing it will make you feel more confident in your cooking skillis!

Tip No.3 Use fruit!

Summer is just perfect for using and experimenting with all kind of fruits! Make mango sorbet or raspberry pie – my all time favs!

Tip No.4 Make a dress code!

It’s always an optional but it will give your party a different feel, and even if your guests will freak out at first at not having anything to wear they will love it at the long run. Dressing differently than everyday basis makes them run away from reality even more!

Tip No.5 Take photos!

Take lot’s of photos and use #VonGruMadeMeDoIt to get featured on Cooking with von Grü and me to praise your work!

Wish you a good luck!



Xx, Teo



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