Fuerza Mexico, Viva la Cuba, Peace Colombia

Considering recent increases in Colombia’s GDP per capita at 8.8% per annum there is great potential for economic convergence, and in fact, the estimates of the convergence theory point to a possible Colombia’s per capita income convergence in roughly 42 years, i.e., by the year 2051. However, this forecast is highly optimistic at this time considering Colombia’s political impasse. Drug trafficking undoubtedly plays a large role in the Colombian black market economy; cocaine is produced at $1,500/kilo and is sold in the U.S. for as much as $50,000/kilo. There is so much profit to be made with the trafficking of drugs that even many Colombian government officials fall victim to temptation. – Huffington Post

Then there’s now-extradited drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, also known as El Chapo, who made various escapes from what were supposed to be Mexico’s most secure prisons with the help of prison officers. But events of this sort are not uncommon in Mexico: just this spring, Juan Jose Esparragoza Monzon, the son of another Mexican drug lord, escaped from prison with four compatriots. – TheConversation.com

Irma hit Cuba as a category 5 hurricane and barrelled through the central and western provinces, causing catastrophic destruction in a country that prides itself on disaster preparedness. At least 10 people died – Cuba’s worse hurricane death toll since Hurricane Dennis killed 16 in 2005. – The Guardian

Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of discovering the world. Traveling with no boundaries that should offer me to meet and adopt new cultures and make me even more open minded while leaving me with constructive point of view. Wide sphere of cultures being our biggest treasure to leave for the future generations to follow. Follow it in the new wave, with all prejudice, discriminations, corruption and all other evils of this world erased. Only pure joy of enjoying different cultures.

After I grew I up I realised things a bit different. There is no pink filter on the world topics, so I use pink shades. I’m trying to see good and emphasise it while trying to change people views regarding negative topics while I travel.

This gave me a great insight into what Croatia’s biggest assets are as well as problems in the eyes of foreigners. I believe Croatia is doing the next step in a good direction by joining the European Union. Being a citizen of a country that has been through a war, I see the importance of cooperation and mutual respect between nations.

In the case of Mexico where the whole structure of a country is corrupted, where there is no political, economy and government fair play strives an opportunity for huge rate of criminal. Regarding the fact that not only such problems can occur but environmental as well makes such a terrible loss. Countries that suffered terrible losses recently were Mexico and Cuba, while Colombian narco cartel never sleeps. That was the reason I dress up as mariachi skeleton, to show support for those countries by trying to make an affection towards their culture in the eye of an observer.

Fashion couldn’t be more political. If Vogue fights Trumps, you can fight with fashion as a weapon on different fields.

The way to make those countries rise again is up to you. Fight the injustice, fix people mindsets, create new social reforms – make a change.




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