Chanel​ SPA review and favorite bath products

When it comes to the favorite spa experiences besides my home sweet home, I have few places dear to my heart. There is nothing better than a bathing experience of your life, trust me!

When I first came to Chanel SPA in Paris hotel Ritz, I was amazed by its interior. Whiteness symbolizing purifying of your body and mind while you are treated with thoroughly designed products. The pool area is vivid with the texture of old aristocratic interior and reminds of an open arena polished with glossy, glass note.

That very Saturday was giving all the signs of busyness. Motorcycle and car sounds followed with the heavy smell of dust and hot asphalt ruling the air. Or was it that I was just sick and tired of city vibe? Maybe.

I realized it was ages since the last time I pampered myself, so I called and arranged myself a spa moment. Giving the fact it was a Saturday I was free for the whole day except the prior date that I set up with my old friend Chyn from NYC.

“I was about to say where the hell are you but then I realized oh here comes the Brad Goreski!” said Chyn referring to my purple-blue head to toe plaid suit. Brad Goreski was the stylist Rachel Zoe’s assistant in the Rachel Zoe Project who was famous for his dandy style I was rocking at the time, now I’m more of Jeremiah Brent. (Assistant that came after Brad)

“Oh, here comes the NYC glam squad, consisting of… Well just you since the bitch is here to rule.” making a joke and just laughing and hugging.

We were standing in front of Angelina Cafe near Luxemburg park in 6th since the main one was just too crowded during Saturdays. For lemon pie and hot chocolate I always choose Angelina over Laduree. You can even get some of the hot chocolate for take away packed in the glass jars when you get nostalgic for Paris. Like I do.

“Everything goes so slow in this country. I just can’t. I wanna die in Paris if the death will be as slow as my latte is.”

After settling down and finding a table Chyn started with her French frustrations which made me a bit uneased because I’m not the type of person who goes after someone while having a delightful time in their cafe. So I just turned the topic and talked her into good sides of French culture even though I understood what she was going through and it is true that cultural differences can put you down for a long run. There are always differences and nothing is perfect, so even if something doesn’t work out as you imagined just give it some time and stick with an open mind because everything works better if you stay chilled. I love all of the cultures and how they influence the world, it feels amazing when you just go with the wind.

“Did you heard? They discounted Bey’s concert it’s happening in a week at Stade de France.” I dropped the maj line.

“OMG. Let’s go! Like.. Formation your ass up the stadion.”

“Let’s plan it, we might if I’ll be free from work! You know I’m team Bey all the way. After KKW. Sorry, not sorry.”

Afer a get-together it was time for my spa time! I took Uber to Colonne Vendome to hit Louis Vuitton and buy some books I saw earlier since it was next to the Ritz. After getting the books, I was walking towards Chanel SPA in Ritz, and all of the sudden I enjoyed the smokey smell of the streets and its busyness. Hmm. It’s so funny how spoiled we people are.


Entering Ritz I was escorted to Chanel SPA area where I have been greeted once again and assigned to a person who will be helping me find suitable treatments designed specially for my body and mind cleanses.

Angelica, my therapist for the day, started explaining to me how each treatment in Chanel SPA is a timeless experience, an energetic renaissance. A holistic approach that awakens all the senses following natural biorhythm to induce deep relaxation.


“Treatments we are doing in our SPA, are combining our retail skin care line of Sublimage, Hydra Beauty, Le Lift, Le Blanc and others. They are specially designed either for woman or man, but you have the ability to combine them depending upon your needs.” Angelica said with such a peaceful tone putting me to experience the holistic side of Chanel SPA already.

“Oh, gosh Angelica. It all sounds really wonderful, I don’t have any extra special needs. I went through the crazy stressful day and Haute Couture week so I just want to feel peaceful and relaxed again.”

“Okay, I understand you completely, if you feel a bit fatigue out of stress you went through we can start with ‘Le Grand Soin’ multi-sensory voyage with immediate and lastingly visible results. I advise you our special treatment for men called ‘Le Temps Revilisant’ which will boost you with radiance! After we can continue with our body treatments to finish moment of indulgence for your body and spirit.”

“I’m all in! Kidnap me for a month if you wish and I won’t call the police!”

‘Le Grand Soin’ lasted for two and a half hours. Angelica was prepping my face with finest creams and oils while massaging it following holistic approach hitting the stress spots. Afterward, she put a sheet mask filled with micro agents to firm my skin and make it young again. (15 is the age my skin stopped aging. lol) After she finished with the face, Angelica started massaging my body with one of the 5 Chanel essential oils made specially for and available only at Chanel SPA at Ritz. The oriental smell puts you in the nature of India and Africa making your body reunited with nature again. I died and went to heaven. Literally.

After the whole experience ended I went to take a swim and believe me, that night, I slept like a baby and my skin felt like ones as well.


But even when it comes to my own home sweet home DIY rituals, there is nothing as good as hot bath experience followed with face masks and oils. These are some of my favorite bathing and home spa products:

1.Diptyque candles


Since nothing says relaxation like candles, and no one speaks it better than Diptyque.


2. Jo Malone lime basil and mandarin bath oil

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 18.40.56

Peppery basil and aromatic white thyme bring an unexpected twist to the scent of limes on a Caribbean breeze. Delicious!


3. Philosophy lemon custard shower gel, shampoo, and bubble bath


Its multipurpose power is so fab. When you’re not bathing in it, you can repurpose the conditioning cleanser as shampoo and body wash. And the smell. Did I not said Angelina’s lemon tart is my honey? This smells like my honey!


4. Rituals bath foam


For a super chill bathing experience, combine warm water with this nourishing foam infused with naturally calming White Lotus fragrance.


5. Hask Keratin Protein Deep Conditioner


When I had longer hair I used to put some conditioner or mask before popping in the bath since the hot fumes going out of your bathtub are making mask ingredients go deep in your hair locks. And this one was my favorite! Even when my hair was tortured with bleach and felt rubbery, this baby made her look like million bucks! Recommend!







Travel Diary Paris Part II – Luxury shopping based upon experience rather than wallet

Even for those of you who hate shopping and run out deep into woods yelling the words:

You will, I promiseeeee, enjoy this places! High five and make your social feed collapse internet!

No.1: Avenue des Champs-Élysées

The most famous of them all must be Champs-Élysées! It’s like walking the milky way! Seeing all those stores and restaurants while street getting more and more crowded with cool fashionable people it’s priceless! Fairytale window shopping offers you quick run out of reality and entering something sacred. I remember my friend Anna chasing specific Guerlain concealer since in whole Paris it’s exclusively sold only in Guerlain at Champs. She got so irritated with not having her favourite under-eye corrector available storewide all over Paris, and yet so pleased after entering Guerlain at Champs and getting treated as a celebrity.

Take a stroll with your camera and film the shopping experience with your friends – it’s a like and insta heart mecca! Cross my heart and hope to die!

No.2: Avenue Montaigne

Ok babes, you know that scene from Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw falls down like a total disaster while entering the Dior store?

Ring a bell?

Well, that is a house of Dior in each and every single way! It has a different department for fragrances and make up, womenswear, menswear, children toys and clothes, home decor, etc. It’s a heaven on earth believe me!

Hipster Alert! 

Dior’s teddy bear, will bring all your childhood fantasies back to life. If it was worth spending your money on something ridiculous, choose this famous teddy bear instead of 5l Belvedere bottle. After you are done with it you can always donate it to charities, which is not the case with the bottle of Belvedere.

Even if Dior doesn’t get you warm around the heart, Avenue Montaigne has so much more to offer! It’s the second most famous shopping street in Paris filled with stores such as Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Bottega Veneta, and others!

Sunday morning souvenir shopping detox

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Since it is visited by Olivier Rousteing multiple times in a month, Bamain takes a special place on Coffee with von Grü’s level chart. There are tons of chance of meeting your favourite designer who, I promise, lives for your selfie moment. Make your social media game high.

I want to be buried in this jacket #Balmain #Paris

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Both of Avenues are located in 8th arrondissement which makes it even easier to visit if you are in a hurry with your trip!

No.3: Galeries Lafayette at Boulevard Haussmann

The most famous shopping mall in Paris is most definitely Galeries Lafayette. Located in 9th arrondissement, the building shares a historical charm. It has allllll brands you are eager to see! High street from COS to H&M or high luxury Hermes to Saint Laurent. A must is visit to Saint Laurent where amazing team of workers will give you all advices for taking a quality selfie of no cost. Just look at this mirror effect. So Instagram worthy.

Galeries Lafayette building is divided on two parts – men and women. Which is not even so bad. In a way, they provide you some rest of your mate and let you breath a bit. When I say breath, I mean in the most literal way. Galeries Lafayette owns a rooftop you can visit for free and get an amazing view of Paris while breathing the fresh air. (Or smoke one up. We are in Paris after all.)

Cigarette S’il Vous Plais.

No.4: Palais Royal

If you are going so bananas on Rachel Zoe’s vintage combinations, visit tons of luxury brands vintage stores around Palais Royal and find vintage Chanel pin or Hermes Birkin. Rachel shop’s there herself and so you know it’s a vintage lovers mecca. If you remember bag her hubby gifted her during Paris Fashion Week, it was from Palais Royal shops.

Palais Royal is located in 1st arrondissement with Colonnes de Buren just next to it, so therefor is a must to visit! If you don’t have picture on top of Colonnes de Buren out and about, your trip to Paris never happened.

No.5: Rue Saint Honoré

To finish your Paris shopping experience you wont have to move out from 1st arrondissement, so after Palais Royal and Colonnes de Buren just take a walk down to Rue Saint Honoré.

Go to Chanel store and start having multiple sensations. First of all, the atmosphere of shopping inside a store that is a part of an actual home of Gabrielle Coco Chanel which bursts your hormones over the edge. And later experience the atmosphere of Coco Chanel Paris home, just ask one of the vendors if you could possibly see it and Voila! You are inside!

Getting out of Chanel’s private chambers and going back to your hotel room or an apartment seems so wrong since the boost of endorphins you got. It’s just a pure logic you should visit another Paris shopping institution which is literally across the street – Colette! Go and feel the smell of Diptyque while searching the newest edition of Kate Moss by Mario Testino, Vogue Paris colouring book  or chic version of Linda Farrow’s sunglasses while seeing art of future made of Comme des Garçons or Rihanna x Puma Fenty.

Until the next time, and part III of my travel diary I wish you all the best for the holiday season. Remember, experience isn’t expensive. Paris, though, can be.