“What’s your favorite horror movie?”




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Top 5 fav summer tv shows

With summer and rays of sunshine on my skin I got an extreme urge to stay at home and watch tv show. (Not strange at all)
These are my top 5 tv shows I’m dribbling over!


1. Pretty Little Liars
As I was immediate fan of high school horror drama. This summer it’s the last season of the tv show and I’m to eager not to finish it. Only season finale is between us and finding out who da f is A.D


2. Girlboss
All fashion and vintage lovers will love new show from Netflix. It’s all about young entrepreneurship combined with passion while following life of a young dropout who is ignorant towards world of grownups with high self image of herself and her own possibilities. It’s reflecting millennials culture and will get you so obsessed over 00s gadgets.


3. The Get Down
Showcasing lives of youngsters from Brooklyn and development of something I dare to say is the black culture today. Main plot is following rise of a young disco star and her boyfriend, a rap sensation. Besides them there is my fav role of Jaden Smith as a graffiti artist as well as the whole history behind NYC and Brooklyn.


4. Ru Paul’s Drag Race
Fab drags and glitters with celeb judges… there’s nothing more left to say but now sissy that walk.


5. Grace and Frankie
Short episodes of pure fun. Grace and Frankie is show about lives of two couples who’s husbands came out as gay in their 70’s and showcasing how both sides are dealing with getting older and staying foolish. Perfect for lazy afternoons!